The ocean is not silent

Dominik Szczepański

na-oceanie-nie-ma-ciszyOne always has to begin with dreams. Plans come next. Well, and you have to pick up garbage from the river, because otherwise I cannot kayak through. – Aleksander Doba

“I have always thought that I have a vivid imagination…but even my imagination does not stretch as far as that of Olek Doba’s! You have to be crazy to get in a kayak one day and kayak across the ocean, so that thanks to your own determination and muscle strength you solely cross thousands of miles. Olek achieved a thing, which appeared to be impossible. (…) The point is that Olo is unique and unrepeatable. He inspires us all, so that we have courage to fulfill our dreams, even the craziest ones. This is what this book is about. I always knew that impossible exists, but after meeting Olek and hearing his story I am sure about that” – says Martyna Wojciechowska, the editor-in-chief of the “National Geographic Poland” magazine, about the book.

Title: The ocean is not silent
Author: Dominik Szczepański
Publisher: Agora
Issue number: I
Release date: 24.10.2015
Language release: Polish
Original language: Polish
Form: book

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