My achievements


The successful completion of the II Transatlantic Kayaking Expedition across the continents (from Lisbon to Florida.). The expedition was aimed at crossing the Atlantic in its widest part. The crusade was sole, independent, without any help from the outside and only with the use of the strength of my own muscles. On 19th April 2014, after 167 days in the Atlantic, I reached Florida. I was the first kayaker in history, who achieved that. Altogether I paddled for 6,710 NM = 12,427 km.

23.05.2011 – 26.06.2011

Rafting along the Amazon in Peru on the river Huallanga from Yurimagus, through Maranon and Amazon to Brazil with the intention to kayak to the mouth of the river. During the expedition bandits attacked me twice and I was robbed of almost everything. I made than the decision to abort the expedition in Manaus, Brazil.

26.10.2010 – 02.02.2011

Lonely voyage across the narrowest part of the Atlantic. This is my I Transatlantic Kayaking Expedition on a special canoe, which was built in Andrzej Arminski’s shipyard by 3 young engineers: Rafal Glodka, Michal Klimka and Radoslaw Zygmunt. This expedition, which was based on paddling a paddle kayak only, without using any sail or help from the outside, ended after 99 days in Acarau in Brazil. I kayaked 5394 km. This is the first time in history that anyone crossed the Atlantic Ocean from continent to continent on a kayak!


I circumnavigated alone the Lake Baikal. I did 1954km of coastline on a kayak, which I left a year earlier by Wladimir whom I met at the lakeside in Ułan Ude. After sailing around Baikal I kayaked along Angara to Irkutsk, from where I returned with the Trans-Siberian Railroad to Poland.


The members of the Szczecin Kayak Group K2: Aleksander Doba, Piotr Owczarski and Jerzy Switek, attempted to cross the English Channel on kayaks taking the route: Cap Gris –Netz –Folkstone. The attempt was thwarted by a strong storm.


I made the first attempt to cross the Atlantic. I started with Paweł Napierala within the KAYLANTIC expedition from Ghana with the intention of kayaking to Brazil. However, after two days the sea currents swept both of us back to Ghana’s coast. A breaking wave destroyed our kayaks’ equipment.

26.06.2000 – 06.10.2000

I kayaked alone from Police to Narvik, above the Arctic Circle. During the 101 days I did 5369km. On the way with a guide in hand I visited various Norwegian tourist attractions :-)

21.06.1999 – 09.09.1999

I kayaked alone “from Police to Police” around the Baltic Sea in 80 days, without stopping in bays. The kayaked distance was 4227 km.

21.07.1998 – 11.09.1998

Przepłynąłem rzekami i kanałami, Morzem Północnym i Morzem Bałtyckim w ciągu 55 dni trasę 2719 km z Polic, przez Niemcy, dookoła Danii do Polic.


As the first kayaker I kayaked along the Polish maritime border and as the third “floating identity” after the II World War I kayaked through the Pilawa’s Strait near Baltijsk to Elblag, from where I later kayaked to Gdynia.

As the first kayaker I kayaked along the entire Vistula River from its beginning, which means from the mouth of the Czarna Wiselka and Biala Wiselka to the reservoir lake (I circumnavigated it), and then to the river’s mouth in the Baltic Sea. I kayaked along all of the tributaries of the Vistula river which mouth to the to the sea: Martwa, Śmiała, Przekop,  Pilawska Strait.

As the first kayaker after the II World War I kayaked from the junction of three borders: Polish, German and Czechoslovakia, along the western border, through Luzycka Neisse and Oder to the sea.


I beat the record distance, which one has kayaked in one calendar year: 5125 km, from which 5000 km where new trails, which I kayaked for the first time in my life. It should be noted, that I achieved this by kayaking only on the Weekends and using a regular 26-day holiday work leave. In 1989 I spent 108 days on the water.


I kayaked diagonal across Poland, from Przemysl to Swinoujscie in 13 days – the distance is 1189km.

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