Olo in the Atlantic. Kayaking across the ocean

Aleksander Doba

The 1st Transatlantic Kayaking Expedition of Olek Doba

olo-na-atlantyku-kajakiem-przez-oceanI leaned out of the hatch. Navigation lights covered the kayak and the space around it. There is nothing on the surface of the ocean. I felt an impact to the back of the hull, near the rudder again. “For sure a shark” – I thought. I had such a meeting already once. I was sitting in the cockpit with a paddle in my hand and I hit the shark twice in the head. Now the paddle was tied with ties to the deck. I leaned halfway out of the cab. Just in case I grabbed a camera to possibly take pictures of the night visitor. After a while it showed up. It was swimming by the starboard at the height of the cockpit. Head rounded. Eyes small. We looked at each other”.

Title: Olo in the Atlantic. Kayaking across the ocean
Author: Aleksander Doba
Publisher: Bezdroża
Issue number: I
Release date: 2012
Language release: Polish
Original language: Polish
Form: book

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